5. I was inspired to draw when I was much younger and lived in a homeless shelter with my family. My dad was going to college at the time, and the people at the shelter were frightening. Most were alcoholics, drug addicts, abusers, etc. etc. and there were people who made various sorts of threats to my family, particularly along the lines of murder. I hated living there. But one day, I met some random guy who was sitting behind the stairs outside who was drawing. I think he might have been an art student or something I don’t really know. Anyway, I watched him, and he eventually invited me to join him and he started showing me how. So I sat that afternoon by myself with a complete stranger, as he showed me how to draw, and we ended up drawing the side of the building. It was and still is, the happiest memory I can think of, and I have been inspired to draw ever since so…..I truly wish I could thank him for it. :/

Anyway, that is a stupid story. Moving on.


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